about us

our vision

The CAMA Foundation aims to facilitate the celebration of artistic and cultural practices that pay homage to the skills and traditions of the past. We look to celebrate and facilitate the work of young contemporary artists who are not afraid to look back at the history of artistic discourse and the lessons it can provide for the future. Within the art world, both the academic community and art market have in recent years recognized the rising significance of Persian contemporary art within the wider context of the global arts scene and The CAMA Foundation looks to further energize that vision. We look to support artistic practice within the Persian world and endeavour to provide foundational support for artists with the courage to challenge normative notions of artistic critique.

cama foundation objectives

Further Objectives

To put our aims and aspirations into practice we have formed the following goals:

  • To provide young creatives the opportunity to develop and nurture their skill
  • Offering a platform to enhance the visibility of young talent
  • To communicate the work of young talent with public and cultural institutions both online (website, social media, online articles) and offline (press releases, news articles, flyers and brochures)
  • To create support for the arts by making it accessible to a broad public
  • Encouraging a future of a rich and talented cultural landscape
  • Strengthening diversity of the arts by supporting various art domains
  • Forming national and international relationships between students, art professionals and art academies

our commitments

  • Visual Arts

    Cultivating exceptional talent in the visual arts

  • Local Community

    Developing outreach programs for the benefit of the local community

  • Career Opportunities

    Facilitating career opportunities through industry connections

  • Educational Experience

    Enhancing the capacity for our students to learn

  • Inter-racial

    Promoting inter-racial inclusiveness in the arts world

  • Self-esteem

    Improving character and self-esteem

  • Leaders

    Developing community leaders and role models

  • Original Works

    Providing a safe space for creatives to create original work

CAMA Foundation's commitments


The CAMA Foundation was created to support Persian art and culture and its journey towards mainstream global recognition. We look to embrace the vibrant cultural histories Iran has produced and aim to facilitate greater understanding of Iranian cultural practice and its relevance in the 21st Century. Established and headquartered in Tehran, the foundation aims to serve as a mediator between Iran and the wider world. We are a non-political, non-religious organization on a mission to further source and advance opportunities for cultural interaction and look to combat orientalist misconceptions about Iran through the medium of art and artistic pursuit. Our focus is anchored around art as a universal language and a tool via which emotion and social and cultural critique can be freely expressed.

We work closely with select Iranian contemporary creatives in order to nurture undiscovered and underappreciated artistic talents. Our goal centres around providing a platform for Iranian contemporary artists to flourish beyond success on a domestic level and create opportunity for recognition beyond the limits of the communities of the Persian global diaspora. Through partnerships with cultural entities around the world, the foundation seeks opportunities to create awareness of the importance of Iranian contemporary art and culture in every part of the globe.


Our main source of funding is generated from the sale of artwork generously donated by Iranian artists around the world. Works donated to The CAMA Foundation are always welcomed and we are hugely grateful to those who have already donated works or made financial contributions. Should you wish to donate an artwork of make a financial contribution please do not hesitate to contact us via the channels below.


The CAMA Foundation is committed to training and nurturing emerging artists from a wide range of Iranian communities. We endeavour to provide opportunities for Iranian artists regardless of gender, race or ethnicity and look to embrace Persian, Azeri and Kurdish Iranians among others in order to aid the production of works within the bracket of visual arts. Not only do these productions reflect an important interpretative representation of Iranian cultural and social practices, they serve as a furthering of 3,000 years of continuous artistic history. It is our belief that visual arts stand not only to reflect the aesthetic of modern Iranian life but more poignantly reflect the perspective of the society we exist within.

CAMA Foundation's commitments
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